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Nacra is a catsailing brand from the bottom up. Inspired and driven by Nacra sailors worldwide, the company is a leading manufacturer of Catsailing equipment: producing everything from Masts to boats to accessories. Drawing on experiences from our long involvement in the catsailingsport Nacra offers complete catsailing solutions based on performance, design, secure, and value.




Grasshopper Porridge provides slow release energy which can be channelled however you need it…brain power for the office, out with the kids, at sea, on the beach, on the river, up a mountain, on the slopes, in the skate park, or simply on the sofa.

Other sponsors

Marlow Ropes

Ever since the Marlow brand was created by the long established Hawkins and Tipson Rope Company in Hailsham, UK in 1957, it has earned an outstanding reputation for quality and technical innovation across the globe.
Our mission statement is to design and manufacture the best product for the application – with no gimmicks. This philosophy means that Marlow is able to maintain it’s reputation for quality and innovation in a highly competitive market.

Towergate Mardon

Towergate Mardon are one of the largest marine underwriting agencies in the UK and first choice for leisure boat insurance. We always strive to find the right insurance cover at the right price.

British Marine Federation Member
Our customers are backed by the UK’s largest insurance companies and benefit from our knowledge of the marine industry.

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