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Miami is an awesome place to have a regatta at this time of year and last week was the Miami Grand Prix, i was racing Farr 40 in a fleet of 10 boats and the teams all revved up for the world championships which are in a months time in the Dominican Republic.

The racing was very tight and we had our share of successes and not quite such successes, highlight of the week was leading race 2 from start to almost finish before a chinese gybe 300m from the finish. Also highlights were that we were consistently in the top 4 to the first make every race, just if only we could have been faster and held a lane downwind we would have converted many of these potentials into actual results.

It is always good to get back into the FArr 40 class and see exactly how close it is and get into some really tight and close fought tactical situations on the water. I certainly learned loads and thanks to the rest of the crew on the good ship Charisma for their efforts.

Ill be back in Sydney now for 3 weeks before getting on the plane and coming over to the UK again for the start of the UK season. I am looking forward to it but wish it could all be a lot warmer, ive got very used to shorts and tshirt every day here in Sydney, bye for now Hugh!!