This week has been manic with returning from the Almeria Extreme 40 event after a 12 hour delay to the flight from Spain back to the UK.

Thursday I was in Holland to work out the plans for the winter and next year with Nacra Europe for sailing F18 next year, lots of good discussions and my proposal went down well, so waiting for a reply.

Now back on the Isle of Wight sailing an Etchells at the Uk Nationals with Graham Sunderland, we had a 1, 4, 9 today and have one race tomorrow, its good and close racing and today we had a dying breeze from the North and offshore and very shifty. it was good to be sailing some slower and really close racing rather than the extreme 40 which is all a bit bigger tacking angles and harder crosses to call as the closing distances are so big.

Tomorrow is the last day and we have plenty to play for with it all close between 3 boats for the placings 2nd to 4th.