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The X40 racing in Oman concluded yesterday and for the ishares team it was with a great last days racing. Finishing 2nd in Muscat as we did in Dubai a week ago. So 2nd overall in the

Yesterdsay the team pulled out all of the stops, winning the last race of the whole series in splendid style, to go with another win and a second after a slight fo pah with a 4th in the first race of the day.

Its been a good team effort these last 2 events in the Middle East with a different team here which worked well. Mischa Heemskerk brought a lot to the team as mainsheet hand, John Mckenna Trimmer and then the 2 local super stars on the boat from Oman Sail Gordon and Mossin. They worked tirelessley and made a vital comtribution to our success.

Bye for now tomorrow is F18 coaching for the Oman sail team and then I fly back to Sydney to see my girlfriend hurrah.

Thanks to all of the sponsors and all the best for Xmas.