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Farr 45 racing solent

over 9 years ago by Hugh Styles | permanent link | comments (0)

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Last weekend saw a selection of different classes racing in the Warsash organised spring series big boat challenge. Some 8 farr 45s competed against each other in 2 days of racing off the bramble bank in the Solent.

I was racing on the Atomic Farr 45 team, we had mixed results over the weekend, but importantly made big gains and ended with really good results on the Sunday, a 1st and 2nd.

The Saturday was a windy affair with about 15 knots and saw us using the code 3 jib all day, this was tough as our sail had been damaged in its last outing, but the repair had changed the characteristics of the sail a great deal and it was very difficult to sail to. We ended the day with one podium and two other average results.

Sunday was a much better day for the Atomic team and after some changes to the rig over night, the boat was much easier to sail and this translated into results straight away. with a 1st and 2nd from the day, we finished the weekend on a high and looking forward to the next regatta the vice admirals cup.

All the best.


Cowes for X40 and F18 training

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This week has been a tester with a lot of work going into the preparation of the iShares extreme 40 to get out sailing for a photo shoot for CNN and iShares. Monday we spent a lot of time putting the boat back together, thank god there was no wind so no shoot at all anyway, We had a great day yesterday down at the Needles flying about with hull in the air and helicopters and camera boats rapid fire picture snapping.

Today was a good training day and those who live in Cowes would have seen the Black cat out there just off the green in front of the Royal Yacht squadron doing lots of laps of some silly short courses.

Two more days of fast boat sailing then into the weekends with Farr 45 racing on Atomic. All looks good for the wind and we should have a good second outing for the team and the owner for the weekend.

Cheers for now.


San Francisco Extreme 40 sailing

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I was in San Francisco last week, which is one of the windiest sailing venues i have ever been to!!

Great, but it did cause plenty of problems as i was there running a weeks worth of corporate sailing for iShares, as the Skipper of their Extreme 40.

San Francisco bay is amazing and the wind generally blows from the West through under the Golden gate bridge and down the harbour side, most days. usually with the wind speed of around 20-30 knots. fine if your sailing a laser, but when trying to sail an Extreme 40 catamaran which is one of the most powerful boats on the planet, it is rather problematical.

We had a great week with the 1st April a media and promotional day with the press, we were main line NBC 11 TV and in all of the major local papers, thanks to our friends at Ogilvy PR agency. Then we did 6 days of corporate guest sailing, out around Alcatraz and across the bay to Sausalito.

The team worked hard all week and id like to thank them for their efforts, Hugh Fletcher, Adam Piggott, Andrew Macphereson and Nick Moloney.

Now we have the boat in a container being sent to Europe and it should arrive in the first week in may for an event in Valencia. this will be the first chance to sail against the likes of Alinghi and other boats since last year in Amsterdam.

Thats all for now.


Hyeres Olympic classes regatta

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Little or no wind has characterised the regatta so far. Racing has been delayed till the early evening on most days now to get the best wind and tomorrow looks no better.

The Laser Radial course where I have been coaching Laura Baldwin again has bee unpredictable to say the least. Laura has had some great individual race results and is poised to setp it up with the onset of the finals racing tomorrow. She is in 26th. I am the best coach on the water though, as i win the towing race into the harbour for her each day, He who dares wins!!

Team GBR are doing well with several of the sailors on the Podiums going into the finals racing stage of the week.

Notably John Pink in the 49er leading the way equal points with Chris Draper and Simon Hiscocks also of GBR.

Coaching ladies is always amusing as this evening we were treated to a Canadian treat for desert, Schmaws, biscuits, sandwiching hot marshmellow and chocolate, VVVVV good!! The things you have to try to be a supportive coach!!

All the best


Extreme 40 sailing

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I had to got to the top of the mast of the Extreme 40 yesterday, even in no wind and relatively flat water your getting thrown around like a rag doll. Think ill leave that to the expert bowmen!! Im better to keep to the back of the boat where its dryer and less chance of falling off!

Some more coaching F18 in the next day or so but got to find some wind for it first, we have been waiting since Monday so far and it doesnt look any better today either.

Big Cat sailing

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The ast couple of days have been sailing Extreme 40 catamarans, these things are amazing and even in 2 knots you are sailing along at double the wind speed.

palma mallorca rain wind no wind and somme sun

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Palma is the location for the Princess Sofia Olympic classes regatta.

I am coaching Laura Baldwin and we are making great progress on the goals and Laura has had some great individual race results and some excellent moments in the other races..

Palma is a real mixed bag of sailing conditions this year with day 1 and 2 with ramdom and variable winds coming and going so that we only had 2 races of the 4 scheduled.

Today was a great day for racing and the race officer did areally bad job, we had an ok race which he abandoned with 2 legs to go and then took 3 hrs to get another start away!! rediculous when all the sailors are freezing cold and tryingto saty focussed. Laura had a good day with 5th and 6th.

We have the cut for the Gold and Silver fleets this evening and then into finals racing and then medal race on Friday.

This weekend I am racing doing tactics on the Farr 45 “Fortis Ecxel” at the Red Funnel Regatta sailed from Cowes. The second picture is me steering Atomic the Farr 45 winning the Nationals a couple of years ago, so it will be a good feeling to get bnack into racing the Farr 45 to see if we have the old skills still.

All the best and hope to see plenty of you on the water this weekend!!

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