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Its taken a little while to get back into things after the Hobart, it seemed to take a bit out of me this year, maybe it was the new years celebrations which really did it??

The Hobart was a really slow affair, but lots of variety, shame that the average speed for the race for the overall winner was only 6 knots arrrgh. At least we did get some decent wind as we came into the Tasman rock and had a good old blast reach all the way down the Derwent into Hobart. I love this part of the race as it is the sleigh ride into the finish, or has been for me both of the last 2 times which I’ve done the race.

Now back in Sydney and have had a good new years and time to catch up on some sleep and some of the festive seasons delights. The good thing is that there is plenty going on as the International 14 Worlds are in in Manly at the moment and I’ve been over watching some racing and catching up with a load of old friends who seem to be back in town for the moment.

Off to Key west in 10 days sailing a Melges 24 which should be great fun, im really looking forward to sailing a little boat again. Then a chance to go back to the UK for 6 days before getting back on a plane to the next Extreme 40 event in Oman in February.

Happy new year, thanks to my sponsors and all the best for 2010.


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