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Saturday the 20 November saw a keen group of Flying Fifteen sailors attend a coaching workshop provided by me on behalf of Towergate Mardon and my coaching business TIME ON THE WATER. 10 boats were involved and several other class keen helpers were along to assist in the days coaching.

The weather was cloudy but a good 10 knots of wind and every now and then there was a little drizzle but generally it was a good and nice day. The focus for the coaching was racing skills and after an initial session of assessment of the ability of the group we got out on the water nice and early.

With a simple windward leeward set the sailors were put through their paces and learnt about their starting approach, time and distance, identifying the bias in the starting line, getting transits, creating a gap to accelerate into off the line and executing a good start. The sailors made some great advances during the day, the most notable being Nadia who by the end of the session was mixing it in the thick of the action at start time, well done.

We also worked on the sailors boat handling, tacking and gybing on the whistle, initially with mixed success, but eventually the teams were tacking without the jib flapping and the kite filling all the way through the gybe.

The next steps will be for the sailors to practice all of the little lessons and when we have the next session in the spring we will be able to gear up for the season and go for it at the next open meeting.

Ill be coaching 49ers at the weekend, so a change of speed and angles, but it will be interesting to see how the team have improved since i last saw them in the end of the summer.