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Dart 18 Towergate Mardon Coaching day with Hugh Styles

This Sunday the Dart 18 Class had their single handed nationals and Women’s nationals hosted by Parkstone Yacht club. In a weekend of variable conditions a good fleet of 25 boats turned up on the Saturday morning with the prospect of a windy weekend.

The reality was that the forecast did not match to the conditions at all, as is so often the case in the UK. The wind didn’t blow on Saturday and did on Sunday, far more than expected, and meant that the Sunday sailing was abandoned. But before this happened the Dart sailors were however able to get a a positive spin from the day for the sailors by linking them into some good local knowledge, coaching of the land effects and tidal influences in Poole harbour, this coaching was provided for the Dart class by Towergate Mardon who’s ambassador Hugh Styles of TIME ON THE WATER (Olympian and high performance sailing coach) attended the event in support of the class.

The Sunday, dawned with a windy and rainy outlook, and from the initial assessments of the meteorology web sites, there was a mixed message from the various weather models of what would be the likely wind conditions, with many forecasting light and variable winds. The end result being that the weather was totally dependant on a weather front moving over the region during Saturday night and Sunday morning, and that this front moving faster than expected managed to hang over Poole for long enough to keep the very windy conditions for such a time that it precluded the Sunday racing from occurring. The one benefit of this situation was that there was an opportunity for a training session with Hugh followed by question and answers in the clubs training room.

Hugh being one of Britain’s few successful Olympic catamaran sailors, was able to focus on the needs of the fleet, and ran an initial assessment session, then helped sailors with some hints and tips of how to improve their starting and mark rounding skills, this then developed into more elaborate insights into how to make big gains in the tactics and strategy of start and mark rounding incidents, where avoiding boat on boat traffic and incidents on the water help provide race wining opportunities.

This coaching day was one of a selection of days which as part of an innovative new approach to supporting dinghy sailors and attendees get the benefit of the teaching as well as the opportunity to get a discount opportunity on insurance premiums. Many classes such as the Flying Fifteen and J24 class have already expressed an interest for coaching days in the future and If your class or fleet would like a Towergate Mardon sponsored Hugh Styles coaching day please contact, we currently have several opportunities for these days in the calendar for next year and would be keen to hear from interested clubs or classes.

Hugh Styles
CEO‘Time On the Water’, agents for Magic Marine UK
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